STR Communications Channels

The STR Division communicates through a set of channels
  • STR Website Official information from the division (e.g., present and past leadership composition; award winners; teaching community materials; AOM Conferences)
  • STR Mailing List: Only official STR-specific initiatives.
  • STR Community (moderated) available to all members
  • Twitter account Direct tweets: only STR- or AOM-specific initiatives. Retweets: anything strategy-related that might be of interest to the division members. Add @AOM_STR to be retweeted.
  • Newsletter: To have your message included in the next Newsletter, post your message in the STR Community and forward the link to our STR Secretary Michael J. Holmes
  • Instagram: Live in May 2020.

In Memoriam: 
for "in memoriam" posts please contact:
STR Secretary Michael J. Holmes
STR Communications Director Paolo Aversa