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  • STR Division Upcoming Virtual Events in May, 2022

    Please join us at one of our STR virtual events during the month of May.  These events include a new Meet a Method session focused on lab experiments, a new Meet a Theory session focused on firm resources and capabilities, a virtual symposium on competitive ... More
  • STR Division Upcoming Events in April, 2022

    We have many different types of events planned for the month of April, including new Meet a Theory session focused on the attention-based view, a virtual symposium that focuses on the past and future of global strategy, a professional development event ... More
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  • Hi everyone, On Tuesday, June 14, 08:00-10:00 a.m. PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST), we organize a virtual research seminar for the recent Organization Science special issue on "Emerging Technologies and Organizing". In this research seminar, ...

  • Please consider submitting a paper: Special Issue Business and Society Review Moving the Logic of Sustainability towards Flourishing for All Guest editors: Nuno Guimarães-Costa, ICN Business School, CEREFIGE-Université de Lorraine, France ...

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