• STRonger Together Initiatives for June

    Dear STR Community,


    I hope this email finds you well and prospering. This email is packed with a lot of information in two parts: first is an update on STR’s plans for the AOM Annual Conference, and second is an update on our upcoming STRonger Together initiatives.


    STR Program for Virtual AOM Annual Conference

    By now you have already received communication from AOM about the cancellation of the physical conference in Vancouver and the move to an abridged virtual annual conference (with registration fee of $200 for faculty and $100 for students). Divisions’ Program Chairs had already created initial programs (with paper and symposia sessions) for the physical conference and are now updating for the virtual one. The plan is that AOM will keep most sessions from the initial program as “asynchronous” which means authors have the option to upload papers and videos, and participants may comment or give feedback on a platform provided by AOM. Divisions may choose a small subset of sessions to be “synchronous,” meaning live presentations with participant interaction occurring in real-time. Divisions are making tough choices about what they can offer synchronously given that members are strewn across many time zones.

    The STR Division leadership team has opted for a limited synchronous conference, given the challenges we are facing at this time and the multitude of time zones impinging on such an effort. Our hope is to provide a synchronous program that is stimulating, even if it is not comprehensive. For the PDW portion of the conference, the officers decided to focus on PhD students and to offer both our Doctoral and Dissertation Consortia in real-time. All other PDWs will be asynchronous except for a few which we will host in July as part of our STRonger Together initiatives. For the main program of the conference we decided to offer the following (with all other sessions not listed below remaining in the asynchronous part of the AOM program):

    • 8 paper sessions, one per STR topic track (comprised of our 32 best paper finalists).
    • 9 total symposia sessions including 8 symposia (one per STR topic track) comprised of our showcase symposia, as well as a symposium showcasing the Best Dissertation Finalists.
    • Our Plenary session; this year’s theme is “20/20: Focusing on COVID’s implications for the field of Strategic Management.” Distinguished panelists are Alfonso Gambardella (Bocconi), Gerry George (SMU), Costas Markides (LBS), Anita McGahan (U of Toronto), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) and Richard Whittington (U of Oxford). Instead of presentation slides, this year we will have something more like a fireside conversation!
    • Our Business Meeting at which we will give updates about the Division and announce our award winners.
    • Our STR Social (which we hope to offer via virtual breakout rooms).

    When more information is available you will be hearing from AOM, and also from STR Program Chair Heather Berry and PDW Chair Michael Leiblein. For now, we want to give you the information that has been decided by the STR officers.

    To supplement the Annual Conference, STR has been actively organizing STRonger Together initiatives to allow for more events over a longer timeframe and at times conducive for organizers and authors. We have had a symposium in May and will host two more in June, and plan to host several PDWs in July. Please read on for more information about these initiatives!  


    STRonger Together Initiatives 

    On the heels of our April successes (Café Zoom Conversations about working from home strategies, Networkshops for PhD on the market, and more), we continued our STRonger Together initiatives in May with Café Zoom PhD Conversations, several Café Zoom Regional Conversations, our first virtual symposium that “sold out” at registration, and Coffee Wish Conversations between 21 senior faculty and over 60 junior faculty!

    This month, STR will host Café Zoom Cultural Conversations to be inclusive of all language communities, two more virtual symposia, and (back by VERY popular demand) we have a new set of 28 senior faculty available for Coffee Wish Conversations! Below is a quick summary and you can find details by following each link.


    Social Connections: Café Zoom Cultural Conversations offer the opportunity for our members to engage with their cultural communities and speak in languages they are conversant in other than English. Conversation communities also have featured guest scholars who will be briefly interviewed by the moderators. STR members are invited to discuss challenges they face during these challenging times, share strategies that are helpful to manage disruptions and stay positive and productive, and make new friends.


    We already have several Café Zoom Cultural Conversations organized including ones in Catalan, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Russian and Turkish. We welcome members’ proposals to host more conversations in June! If interested in organizing a Cultural Conversation please reach out to me directly. Conversations and guest scholars for June include:







    June 9th 10am EDT

    4pm CET

     Jaume Villanueva (Rutgers U)

    Xavier Castañer (U of Lausanne)

    F. Xavier Molina Morales (U Jaume I)

    Link Catalan


    June 17th 8am EDT 

    Madeleine Rauch (CBS)

    Ralf Wilden (Macquarie U)

    Caroline Flammer (Boston U)

    Tobias Kretschmer (LMU Munich)

    Link German


    June 11th 9am EDT 

    Uriel Stettner (Tel Aviv U)

    Hila Lifshitz-Assaf (NYU)

     Zur Shapira (NYU)

    Link Hebrew


    June 15th 12pm EDT

    6pm CET

    Valentina Tartari (CBS)

    Francesco Di Lorenzo (CBS)

     Giada Di Stefano (Bocconi U)

    Stefano Brusoni (ETH Zurich)

    Link Italian


    June 17th 8:30pm EDT

    June 18th 9:30am Seoul

    Daniel Keum (Columbia U)

    Sea-Jin Chang (NUS & KAIST)

    Sunkee Lee (Carnegie Mellon U)

    Link Korean


    June 11th 10pm EDT

    June 12th 10am Beijing

     Jiao Luo (U of Minnesota – Carlson)

    Brian Wu (U of Michigan – Ann Arbor) 

    Link Mandarin


    June 17th 10:30am EDT

    4:30 pm CET

    Sina Khoshsokhan (U of Colorado – Boulder)

    Mahka Moeen (UNC – Chapel Hill)

    Link Persian


    July 1st 9am EDT

    4:30pm Paris; 5:30pm Moscow

    Olga Hawn (UNC – Chapel Hill)

    Elena Plaksenkova (Ohio State U)

    Andrew Shipilov (INSEAD)

    Link Russian


    June 12th 11am EDT

    5pm CET; 6pm Istanbul

    Bilgehan Uzunca (ESADE)

    Hakan Ozlap (VU Amsterdam)

    Isin Guler (UNC – Chapel Hill)

    Pinar Ozcan (U of Oxford)

    Link Turkish


    We invite members to propose Café Zoom Cultural Conversations that they would like to have with other STR members! If you are interested in moderating a conversation in June, please contact STR Division Chair, Samina Karim (, to coordinate a session; STR can provide you with a Zoom meeting room if needed and will publicize the event online.

    For more STR events and news, please visit and follow us via twitter and Instagram @AOM_STR.



    Research Connections:

    Coffee Wish Conversations offer the opportunity for junior scholars (with priority given to Assistant Professors) to have a one-on-one conversation with a senior scholar. With most conferences and external speaker visits being cancelled, junior faculty no longer have the opportunity to interact with senior scholars to share their ideas and get feedback on their emerging research agendas and identities. Our goal is to provide “coffee wishes” for junior faculty to make these candid conversations feasible! We have a group of senior faculty who have generously committed thirty minutes in each of the last three weeks of May for Coffee Wish Conversations. There will be three rounds of sign-ups; interested junior faculty may request a time slot and we will contact you with confirmation depending on availability. Faculty participants for June include:

    • Bruno Cassiman (IESE & KU Leuven)

    • Xavier Castañer (U of Lausanne)

    • Donal Crilly (London Business School)

    • Felipe Csaszar (U of Michigan)

    • Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Northeastern U)

    • Ilya Cuypers (Singapore Management U)

    • P. Eggers (New York U)

    • Emilie Feldman (U of Pennsylvania)

    • Tim Folta (U of Connecticut)

    • Vibha Gaba (INSEAD)

    • Martin Ganco (U of Wisconsin-Madison)

    • Isin Guler (U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

    • Paula Jarzabkowski (City U of London & U of Queensland)

    • Nan Jia (U of Southern California)

    • Samina Karim (Northeastern U)

    • Tobias Kretschmer (LMU Munich & UCL)

    • Dovev Lavie (Bocconi U)

    • Joseph Mahoney (U of Illinois – Urbana-Cham.)

    • Anita McGahan (U of Toronto)

    • Chris Rider (U of Michigan)

    • Jordan Siegel (U of Michigan)

    • Nicolaj Siggelkow (U of Pennsylvania)

    • Brian Silverman (U of Toronto)

    • David Tan (U of Washington)

    • K. Toh (U of Texas-Austin)

    • Tony Tong (U of Colorado)

    • Bala Vissa (INSEAD)

    • Brian Wu (U of Michigan)

    • Minyuan Zhao (WUSTL)



    STR Virtual Symposia offer the opportunity for our community to stay engaged with current research. In June, we have two virtual symposia scheduled, each with fantastic paper presentations and discussants. Please register for one or more symposia, and you will receive your Zoom link upon registration.

    • Resource Redeployment and Employee Mobility in Corporate Strategy (Wed, June 10th, 9am EDT). Organizer: Julia Bodner (INSEAD). Discussants: Tim Folta (U of Connecticut), Will Mitchell (U of Toronto) and Andrew Shipilov (INSEAD).

    • Broadening our View of Imitation (Thu, June 25th, 12pm EDT). Organizers: Jan-Michael Ross (Imperial College London), Dmitry Sharapov (Imperial College London) and Brian Wu (U of Michigan). Discussants: Nick Argyres (Washington U in St. Louis) and Marvin Lieberman (U of California – Los Angeles).



    Teaching Connections: Please contribute any Strategic Management teaching content that you can share during this time (into our Online Teaching Resources Folder), useful links and advice for teaching online or using different platforms (by replying to the call for posts at Teaching Advice & Comments). Thanks to those who have already contributed including Marvin Lieberman for multiple syllabi and lecture notes, and Moshe Farjoun on teaching and the role of strategy during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s keep crowdsourcing!




    Fun Connections: Last few months our STR Photo Booth provided some heartwarming smiles with pictures of colleagues and their pets. Please continue to send us your pet pal photos. Feel free to be creative…live pet pals, stuffed pet pals, ceramic pet pals… keep us guessing! Also, are you reading a good book? Share with STR! Tweet your pics with the hashtag #STRongerTogether or send a photo of you with a book to Paolo Aversa, our STR Communications Director.




    A Peek into July: We have a phenomenal program planned for July! For each weekday (starting July 6) we will host “Meet the Scholar” in which we interview someone who has made a significant impact on the field of Strategic Management. There will be 20 senior faculty showcased; we’ll ask them all sorts of questions including where they grew up, why they became an academic, what research questions they still want to pursue, their favorite author, and more. Additionally, in July, we will offer several Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) throughout the month.


    I look forward to engaging with you further on our voyages of the STR Trek Enterprise!  Please email me directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


    Wishing you good health,

    -Samina  🖖🏽



    Samina Karim

    Professor, Northeastern University

    Division Chair, STR Division, Academy of Management





    STR Leadership Team 2019-20


    Paolo Aversa (Cass Business School)

    Heather Berry (George Washington U)

    Guoli Chen (INSEAD)

    Emily Cox-Pahnke (U Washington)

    Felipe Csaszar (U Michigan)

    Paul Drnevich (U Alabama)

    Nilanjana Dutt (Bocconi U)

    Tim Folta (U Connecticut)

    Claudine Gartenberg (U Pennsylvania)

    Ha Hoang (ESSEC)

    Michael Holmes (Florida State U)

    John Joseph (U California, Irvine)

    Samina Karim (Northeastern U)

    Aseem Kaul (U Minnesota)

    Michael Leiblein (Ohio State U)

    Jiao Luo (U Minnesota)

    Xavier Martin (Tilburg U)

    Denisa Mindruta (HEC, Paris)

    Violina Rindova (U Southern California)

    Bilgehan Uzunca (ESADE)

    Elena Vidal (Baruch College)