BPS becomes STR!


Dear division members,

We are happy and excited to announce that on Monday August 7th our Division Chair Brian Silverman has officially announced the change of our Division name from Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) to Strategic Management (STR). This decision was supported by a division-wide survey where the great majority of our members chose the new name over two other options (“Strategy” or just the original name). Although we were all attached to the original Division name and to a certain extent we are sad to see it “retire”, we believe Strategic Management better embraces what our Division represents today and  in the future. Most importantly, we are proud to foster a decision that was collectively supported by the great majority of our community members.

Name % of first-ranked votes Overall ranking
Strategic Management 52% 2.38
Strategy 27% 1.92
Business Policy and Strategy 22% 1.72

As you probably noticed, the division has also adopted a new logo that represents a modern reinterpretation of the original one, and thus offers a graphical bridge between past and future. The STR Division official colors remain  burgundy, grey and black/white.

Please remind that from now on, official AOM communications and conference-related texts will report the new division name and acronym instead of the original one.

On behalf of our Division officers and Executive members we are therefore happy to welcome you to the Strategic Management – STR Division: (still) “the Best Place for Strategy!”



Paolo Aversa
Associate Professor of Strategy
Cass Business School

STR Division Communications Director