AOM Specialized Conference: “Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy”

Dear division members,

We are glad to bring to your attention the AOM Specialized Conference Initiative: a multi-year experiment that aims to develop a portfolio of smaller, meaningful and sustainable new meeting opportunities that complement our large Annual Meeting. Several new conference models that will allow members to connect and engage throughout the year, virtually and in varied locations that are reflective of the geographic dispersion of our international membership, are envisioned as part of this initiative. In addition to these models, new ideas that reflect the creative energy of our membership are expected to emerge. The plan for realizing this vision for AOM conference activity is designed to continuously evolve as we experiment with new program structures, delivery modes, content features, and conference designs.

The next Specialized Conference will be dedicated to “Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy” – hosted at the University of Surrey, UK onĀ April 18-20, 2018 (submission deadline October 3, 2017). The Conference is in collaboration with the STR Division (among others.)

For more information visit our page AOM Meetings or the Conference website.

We look forward to meeting you in Surrey!


Paolo Aversa
Associate Professor of Strategy
Cass Business School

STR Division Communications Director