STR new domain statement

Dear STR Community,

I am delighted to report that the new Strategic Management (STR) Division domain statement has been approved.  95% of voters were in favor of the revised statement. Thank you for your participation in the voting. We believe the new domain statement more accurately captures the breadth of the interests and activities of our division members.

This year we also officially changed the name of the division from Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) to Strategic Management (STR). Although we are all a little sad to see our beloved BPS disappear, the great majority of our members believed that a change was needed and that the Strategic Management name better describes what our division represents.

I’m excited about our new name and domain statement, and I am proud to be involved in important changes that have the overwhelming support of our division members.

Please also keep checking out our new division website where we will keep you updated on division news and activities!

Best regards,

Mary Benner
University of Minnesota
STR Division Chair