Sumantra Ghoshal Award

The Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award goes to a paper that advances research while deriving important implications for practice. The award honors the contributions to both research and practice made by Sumantra Ghoshal.


Timothy Gubler (U.C.-Riverside): “When Social Capital Hurts: The Role of Human Capital Experience and Fit”


Tianxu Chen (Oakland U.) and Jianhong Chen (U. of New Hampshire): “Corporate Venture Capital and Inter-Firm Rivalry: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective”


Mark DesJardine (Western U.): “The Causal Effect of Financial Analyst Coverage on Long-term Capital.”


Michael Boppel (U. of St. Gallen), Sven Kunisch (U. of St. Gallen) and Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School): “Corporate Programs: Analysis of a Major Structural Choice in Strategy Implementation.”


Tyson Mackey (California Polytechnic State U.): Corporate Diversification and the Value of Individual Firms: A Bayesian Approach”


Richard Hunt (U. of Colorado-Boulder) & Kip Kiefer (U. of Colorado-Boulder): “Parity, Paternalism and Peonage in the Informal Economy: An Empirical Study of Off-the-Books Loans”


José Lejarraga (U. of Pompeu), Tomás Lejarraga (Carnegie Mellon U.) and Charlotte Gaston-Breton (U. of Carlos III de Madrid): “Let Me Handle This, I’ve Done It Before: Experience and Self-involvement in Superstitious Learning”


Arijit Chatterjee (ESSEC) and Donald Hambrick (Penn State U.): “CEO Personality, Capability Cues, and Risk-Taking: How Narcissists React to Successes and Stumbles”

Gerard Hodgkinson (U of Leeds) and Mark Healey (U of Leeds) for: “Psychological Foundations of Dynamic Capabilities: Reflexion and Reflection in Strategic Management.”

Aseem Kaul (U. of Pennsylvania) for: “Intelligent Investing and Governance: The Role of Financial Advisors.”