About BPS Consortia and Workshops

The Business Policy and Strategy Division hosts several helpful consortia and workshops at the Academy of Management Meeting for members at various stages of their academic career.

Call for Proposals – 2017 BPS Professional Development Workshops

Are you a Doctoral student working on strategy or related themes?

The table below provides an explanation of which consortium is appropriate for a doctoral student.

Doctoral vs. Dissertation Consortia: Which is right for me?

  BPS Doctoral Consortium BPS Dissertation Consortium: The Job Market & Beyond
What Stage of the Doctoral Program Are You In? The BPS Doctoral Consortium is intended for students who are in the dissertation proposal stage of their PhD programs. The BPS Dissertation Consortium is intended for students in the later stage of their programs and who will be on the job market during the 2016-2017 academic year (i.e., for jobs beginning in Fall 2017).
Objectives: Dissertation vs. Job Market The objective of the BPS Doctoral Consortium is to support doctoral students as they shape their dissertations.  Students will have the opportunity to get feedback on their dissertations in small groups with faculty and peers. The focus of the BPS Doctoral Consortium will be on providing participating students with an opportunity to discuss their job market papers in small groups with distinguished faculty and peers.
Key Difference The BPS Doctoral Consortium is focused on issues related to shaping your dissertation. The BPS Dissertation Consortium is focused on job-market related issues
Pick One! Please apply to only ONE of the two consortia in any given year
Overlap The two consortia share half a day of sessions on Friday afternoon