BPS Doctoral and Dissertation Consortia

The BPS Division will again sponsor the Doctoral and Dissertation Consortia during the pre-conference period of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Atlanta, Georgia.

The BPS Doctoral Consortium is for students in early stages of their PhD programs and provides opportunities for participants to discuss their dissertation proposals in small groups with distinguished faculty and peers. Participants and faculty panelists will also explore issues including developing a research pipeline, understanding the journal review process and learning to teach effectively. Nan Jia is one of the the co-chairs for the 2017 Doctoral Consortium.

The BPS Dissertation Consortium is intended for PhD candidates who will be on the job market during the 2017-2018 academic year, for jobs beginning in Fall 2018. Participating students must have successfully defended their dissertation proposals and completed a draft of their job market papers. The main focus of the 2017 Dissertation Consortium will be on providing participating students with an opportunity to discuss their job market papers in small groups with distinguished faculty and peers. Steven Khal is one of the co-chairs for the 2017 Dissertation Consortium.

Please look for details on how to apply for these consortia in the Spring BPS Newsletter. The application deadline will likely be in mid-May. If you have questions, contact Nan Jia at nan.jia@marshall.usc.edu for the Doctoral Consortium or Steven Kahl at steven.j.kahl@tuck.dartmouth.edu for the Dissertation Consortium.