BPS Consortia and Workshops Schedule

Click here for a 1 page document with all the BPS Consortia and Workshops Schedule – AOM 2017.

within Hyatt Regency Hotel
BPS Dissertation Consortium Fri, Aug 4 8am-6pm Embassy Hall A
BPS Doctoral Consortium 2017 -Day 1 Fri, Aug 4 8am-6pm Embassy Hall C
Fostering Publications from Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals Fri, Aug 4 8am-12pm Hanover Hall B
BPS Teaching Consortium Fri, Aug 4 9am-4pm Hanover Hall G
Modifying Measurement Scales for Use in Contexts of Poverty Fri, Aug 4 10am-12pm Embassy Hall E
Climate Change – The Role of Strategy Research in Addressing One of Society’s Grand Challenges Fri, Aug 4 12:15-3:15pm Hanover Hall B
Strategy Research on Interfaces: Strategic Leaders and Beyond Fri, Aug 4 2-4pm Hanover Hall F
Psychological Foundations of Management 3.0: Bridging the Macro and Micro Divide on Leadership Fri, Aug 4 3:30-6:30pm Hanover Hall B
Advancing Aspirations Research: Building on the Big Picture Fri, Aug 4 4:15-6:45pm Piedmont
Measuring Social Impact: A New Performance Dimension in Strategic Management? Fri, Aug 4 4:30-7pm Embassy Hall A
BPS Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop Sat, Aug 5 8:30-11.00am Baker
BPS Doctoral Consortium 2017 -Day 2 Sat, Aug 5 8am-1pm Embassy Hall C
Business Policy and Strategy Division New Faculty Consortium 2017 Sat, Aug 5 8am-5pm Lenox
Case Teaching in a Changing Environment: Teaching with Live Cases Sat, Aug 5 8-11am Embassy Hall D
Alliance Dynamics and Instability Sat, Aug 5 8-10:30am Harris
The Interplay of Competition and Cooperation: Current Issues and Future Research Agenda Sat, Aug 5 8:30-11am Spring
The Interactions between Alliances and Acquisitions* Sat, Aug 5 10:30-1pm Hanover Hall E
At the Interface: When Managing Projects Meets International Development Sat, Aug 5 11:15am-1:15pm Spring
BPS Managing Your Dissertation Workshop Sat, Aug 5 12-4pm Hanover Hall C&D
Research Frontiers in Nonmarket Strategy Sat, Aug 5 1:30-4:30pm Spring
The Sustainability of Firm’s Growth: Integrating Corporate and Stakeholder Strategies Sat, Aug 5 2:15-4:45pm Greenbriar
Innovation and Trends in Entrepreneurial Finance Research Sat, Aug 5 2:30-4:30pm The Learning Center
Evaluating experimental studies in Organizations & Strategy Sat, Aug 5 4:15-6:45pm Roswell
Micro-processes in the Upper Echelons: A Dialogue Between Micro- & Macro- Scholars Sat, Aug 5 4:45-7:45pm Spring
BPS Mid-Career Consortium: Managing Your Evolving Career Sat, Aug 5 5:15-7:45pm Lenox
BPS Conversations Sat, Aug 5 6:30-9pm Regency Ballroom VII
BPS Global Representatives Meeting Sun, Aug 6 2:30-3:30pm University
BPS Teaching Committee Meeting Sun, Aug 6 2:45-3:45pm Harris
BPS Executive Committee Meeting Sun, Aug 6 4-5pm University
BPS Irwin Outstanding Educator Award Reception for Glenn R. Carroll Sun, Aug 6 6-8pm Centennial Ballroom II
BPS Plenary Session: 20 Years of Dynamic Capabilities Mon, Aug 7 11:30am-1pm Regency Ballroom VI
BPS Business Meeting Mon, Aug 7 6:30-7:30pm Centennial Ballroom II
BPS Social Mon, Aug 7 7:45-8:45pm Centennial Ballroom III

**to participate in the group discussion part of this PDW, please register at http://bit.ly/2pnqLQE