STR AOM 2018 stats

900 submissions (805 papers, 95 symposia) (last year 740)

  • 400 papers accepted (rate 44%) (-14% from 59%)
  • 73 symposia accepted (rate 77%) (lead sponsor of 37)
    • 3 solo sponsored, 34 co-sponsored, 36 tri-sponsored


  • 51 countries (+16% from 44);  65% outside US (+2%)

  • 1335 reviewers signed up (+10% from 1217)
  • Reviewers from 65 countries

Program Track Chairs

  • Behavioral Strategy and Process: Chengwei Liu (U of Warwick)
  • Competitive Strategy: Cameron Miller (Syracuse U)
  • Cooperative Strategy: Douglas Hannah (U of Texas – Austin)
  • Corporate and International Strategy: Colleen Cunningham (London Bus School):
  • Innovation Strategy and Industry Dynamics: Nilanjana Dutt (Bocconi U):
  • Stakeholder Strategy: Sam Garg (HKUST):
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship: Theresa Veer (U of Tuebingen):
  • Strategic Leadership and Governance: Joanna Campbell (U of Cincinnati):
  • Discussion papers :Sina Khoshsokhan (Boston U)


Number of PDW submissions
38 submissions for a total of 132 requested hours
27 submissions accepted for a total of 85 hours
all have co-sponsorships by other divisions
36 hours for annual consortia and workshops

STR co-sponsors 45 PDWs from other divisions
Tips for next year’s submissions:

  • Emphasize skill development (e.g., teach, write, method)
  • PDW versus symposium
  • Interactive
  • Timely

Consortia organizers

STR Dissertation Consortium
Jiao Luo – U. of Minnesota
Ram Ranganathan – U. of Texas Austin

STR Doctoral Consortium
Aseem Kaul – U. of Minnesota
Maggie Zhou – U. of Michigan

STR New Faculty Consortium
Anne-Marie Knott – Washington U.
Kevin Boudreau – Northeastern U.

Mid-Career Consortium
Gerry McNamara – Michigan State U.
Sucheta Nadkarni – U. of Cambridge

STR Jr. Faculty Teaching Consortium
Joan Allatta – Temple U.
Kenneth Huang – N.U. Singapore

Using Simulations in Teaching Strategy
Manuela Hoehn-Weiss – Oregon State U.
Nan Jia – U. Southern California

Managing Your Dissertation Workshop
Abishek Nagaraj – U. of California Berkeley

(Global Reps’) Fostering Publications from Around the World in Leading Organization and Strategy Journals
Lara Jelenc – U. of Rijek (Croatia)

Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop
Paolo Aversa – Cass Business School
Craig Crossland – U. of Notre Dame
Giada Di Stefano – HEC Paris
Olenka Kacperczyk – LBS