2019 STR Election Results

Dear STR Members,

We are excited to share with you the STR Election results:

As STR Assistant Program Chair:
Michael Leiblein (Ohio State)

As STR Executive Committee Members:
Guoli Chen (INSEAD), Felipe Csaszar (U of Michigan), Ha Hoang (ESSEC), John Joseph (UC Irvine), Jiao Luo (U of Minnesota), and Elena Vidal (Baruch College).

Congratulations to all the elected members!

Best wishes,

Paolo Aversa
Cass Business School
STR Division Communications Director

STR 2019 Guth Distinguished Service Award

The STR William D. Guth Distinguished Service Award recognizes an STR member with at least 15 years of service to the field, who has made significant contributions to activities within the STR Division, the Academy of Management, and/or to the broader field of strategic management. Award criteria included editorial contributions at journals or of edited volumes of strategy research, significant contributions to the Academy of Management, conference organizing, administrative roles, or textbook authorship.

The 2019 STR Guth Distinguished Service Award goes to Edward J. Zajac!

Ed is the James F. Beré Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management and a Professor of Sociology at the Weinberg College of Arts of Sciences, Northwestern University. He is an elected Fellow of both the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society, and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Free University of Berlin. Ed Zajac joined the faculty of the Kellogg School of Management after completing his Ph.D. in organization and strategy at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Cologne and a visiting scholar at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Free University of Berlin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Zurich.

The Awards Committee recognized Ed’s outstanding service to the field of strategic management. Ed has played prominent and visible service roles in the two primary organizations that support the field of strategy, the Strategic Management Division (STR, formerly BPS) of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society. Among his many service contributions to the field, he has served as Co-Editor of the Strategic Management Journal from 2007 to 2013 and he currently is a Consulting Editor at the Strategic Management Journal, an Editorial Advisory Board member at the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and a Review Board member at the Journal of Trust Research.

Ed has also made important contributions to the field through his research and was recognized as one of the “most highly cited researchers” worldwide in the Institute of Scientific Information’s yearly list of highly cited researchers from 2006 to 2012.

Ed has been tirelessly dedicated to all aspects of the Strategy field – our institutions, journals, faculty and students.  As one of his supporters highlighted: “Ed has made substantial contributions in co-editing SMJ for many years, working for many years in BPS/STR leadership, volunteering in PhD and junior faculty consortia, and mentoring his own PhD students. “ Another colleague remarked: “Ed has also been instrumental in fostering a more participative scholarly atmosphere by promoting greater participation by junior scholars on editorial boards and at academic conferences.” Ed’s kindness and approachability will not soon be forgotten by those he has touched. We are thankful for all that he has done to make the Strategy field as vibrant as it is today.

The STR Division proudly congratulates Professor Edward J. Zajac as the recipient of the 2019 STR William D. Guth Distinguished Service Award. Please join us at the STR Business Meeting on Monday night (6:00 pm – 7:00 pm) to honor Ed!

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
STR Division Chair-Elect

STR 2019 Emerging Scholar Award

The STR Emerging Scholar Award recognizes a promising scholar who has established a research record of exceptional quality early in his/her career, has a notable publication record, and has already demonstrated an impact on the field of strategic management. Candidates are judged by the relevance, academic contribution, theoretical and methodological rigor, and practical implications of their work. The Award is bestowed upon a winner every other (i.e. odd numbered) year.

The Emerging Scholar Award recipient is selected by a committee of former STR Division Chairs. The Division would like to extend a big thank you to this year’s committee:

Alfonso Gambardella (Bocconi University)

Kathryn R. Harrigan (Columbia University)

Edward J. Zajac (Northwestern University)

The 2019 STR Emerging Scholar Award goes to Seth Carnahan!

Seth is an Associate Professor at Washington University’s Olin Business School. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He received his PhD from the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park in 2013.

Seth’s interest is at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship and human capital; his research tries to understand how firms can improve performance by managing their people more effectively.  He has published several papers in the top journals in the field, including Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Management Science.

Seth’s supporters offered the following comments:

“Seth’s publication record displays his open-mindedness, intellectual range in both micro and macro disciplinary streams, and mastery of empirical methodologies.”

“Carnahan starts his career in strategic management auspiciously by contributing to the competitive strategy literature on salient topics concerning strategy implementation, particularly with a focus on astute use of human capital. His mainstream contributions anticipate the entrepreneurial challenge of growth through labor advantages and reflect the new economy issues ahead.”

The STR Division proudly congratulates Professor Seth Carnahan as the recipient of the 2019 STR Emerging Scholar Award. Please join us at the STR Business Meeting on Monday night (6:00 pm – 7:00 pm) to honor Seth!

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
STR Division Chair-Elect

STR 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award

The Irwin Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an established strategy scholar who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Ph.D. and doctoral education, and ongoing development of junior colleagues. The award recipient’s contributions include dedication to PhD student development and curricula, involvement in dissertation committees, participation in doctoral consortia and workshops, and mentorship of junior faculty.

The 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award for Excellence in PhD Mentoring goes to

David C. Mowery!

David is the William A. & Betty H. Hasler Professor Emeritus of New Enterprise Development at the Business and Public Policy Group at the Walter A. Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley. He holds a BA, MA and PhD in Economics from Stanford University. Prior to joining Haas in 1988, he was a professor at the Social and Decision Sciences Department, Carnegie-Mellon University. He has also served as Assistant to the Counselor, Office of the United States Trade Representative and a Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Awards Committee recognized David’s exceptional contributions to the field of Strategy through mentoring PhD students, who have excelled to become top scholars of our field. David has chaired doctoral committees of many students, including Karen Schnietz, Tom Cottrell, Arvids Ziedonis, Rosemarie Ziedonis, Deepak Somaya, Jeffrey Macher, Christopher Boerner, Jennifer Kuan, Robert Lowe, Tetsuo Wada, Stuart Graham, Timothy Simcoe, Kira Fabrizio, Lamar Pierce, Ronnie Chatterji, Oliver Beige, Evan Rawley, Ian Larkin, Robert Seamans, Deepak Hegde, Neil Thompson, Sharat Raghavan, and Gwendolyn Lee, and served on the doctoral committees of many many more, including Brian Silverman, Henry Chesbrough, Bennet Zelner, Kyle Mayer, Guy Holburn, Joanne Oxley, Petra Moser and Olga Khessina. He has co-authored with many of his students.

In support of this award, one of his students wrote: “In the early 2000s until his retirement, many people (very rightly) regarded David as the top Ph.D. advisor in the econ-based strategy field. Mowery student after Mowery student got top jobs at top schools, and most of us have blossomed. David did this by carefully reading our papers, giving us very sound advice, and most of all being someone who didn’t try to influence our direction (unless we were struggling with direction) – but instead tried to influence the quality of our work.”

David’s research contributions are in the areas of economics of innovation and technological change, strategic management of technology and innovation, and international trade policy and technology policy. He has authored or co-authored 19 books and over 100 academic articles in numerous top journals, including American Economic Review, Management Science, Research Policy, and Strategic Management Journal.

It is with great pride that the STR Division congratulates Professor David C. Mowery on being selected as the 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator. We hope to see you at the award reception on Sunday evening (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) to celebrate David’s achievements!

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
STR Division Chair-Elect

Message from the STR Division Chair

We look forward to seeing many of you at the annual Academy of Management conference in Boston in August! As always, the program is packed with great sessions—the depth and breadth of sessions represent the vibrant scholarship and teaching interests of our diverse membership. It is my pleasure and honor to chair our Division as the Academy comes back to Boston, always an exciting venue for the AoM conference. The Division is preparing more opportunities than ever to indulge intellectual curiosity, contribute to our field, meet new and old friends and colleagues, engage in lively discussions, and – yes –have some fun!

An Overview of the Annual Conference Program

The pre-conference program starts with the highly popular Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) and various consortia on Friday and Saturday (August 9 and 10). These events provide terrific opportunities for members to learn from panelists and from each other across various research areas, theories, methods, teaching tool and overall professional skills. Some PDWs, especially the paper development workshops that match authors with expert scholars, require pre-registration. Therefore, please be sure to identify and register for the sessions that interest you before they are fully subscribed, by perusing the program when it becomes available and by noting those PDWs that will be announced via our listserv and other social media. In addition, the STR Division continues to offer a strong line-up of consortia designed to bring scholars together at various stages of their career. Ranging from the “Managing your Dissertation workshop” led by finalists from last year’s Best Dissertation Award through to the Mid-Career Consortium, these activities provide focused conversations with peers and mentors on issues that are most relevant to you. In addition, thanks to our Teaching Committee’s hard work, in just two years the Teaching Consortium has proven to be very well attended and noted for how helpful it is to those who aim to develop their teaching skills. The Division also offers several teaching PDWs, including a walk-in “clinic” for those who have specific teaching questions for experts to answer. Make sure to consult the STR website (www.strdiv.org) as well as the various calls for participation throughout this newsletter to learn more about the objectives and target audiences of research and teaching PDWs. Many thanks to Assistant Program Chair Heather Berry and to all the PDW, consortia, and workshop organizers for their investment of time and energy and for creating an outstanding pre-conference program.

Our Program Chair Tim Folta has assembled an excellent conference program (Monday August 12 and Tuesday August 13, with a few featured events on Sunday August 11). The record number of submissions allowed the assembly of a selective program that is both large and high-quality. Once again, the program will mostly consist of competitive paper sessions, where the best individual paper submissions are assembled into tracks. There will also be some developmental Discussion Paper sessions, and structured symposia where multiple presentations are pre-assembled by organizers. Sessions will be organized around eight tracks (e.g., Cooperative Strategy or Strategic Entrepreneurship) to foster a “conference within a conference” feel and promote dialogue and community building around particular research domains. A huge thank you goes to the more than 1,300 reviewers who have given their time and provided developmental feedback on the many submissions in a short time frame, including emergency reviewers who worked overtime. Thanks also to the track chairs who have helped organize sessions.

Thank you for assembling such a great program for Boston, Tim and Heather!

To make the best of this program, plan to stay at or near the Boston Park Plaza, which will serve as “STR central” for the whole conference. In addition to being the place to be with STR in 2019, it is located very close to the beautiful Boston Common and Public Garden and near both the Charles River and Downtown Boston with its CBD and tourist attractions.

Highlights from the Program

As you plan your conference schedule, I’d like to draw your attention to the following activities—some of which represent mainstay favorites, while others represent recent efforts that respond to member feedback.

Irwin Award Ceremony in Honor of David Mowery (Sunday, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Boston Park Plaza Statler Room): See Honors and Awards below for more details!

STR Plenary Session (Monday 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Boston Park Plaza Room TBA) This year’s plenary is titled “The next 50 years of STR scholarship: Looking back to see forward”. A terrific panel including Jay Barney, Don Hambrick, Anita McGahan (and another guest to be announced) will reflect on the past, present and future of Strategic Management. We will consider the main accomplishments and lessons of the first 50 years of our Division – whose founding started with a planning meeting in 1969! – and how they inform us about the opportunities and priorities to make our discipline and field of practice even more vibrant and impactful for the future. The above-mentioned panelists, as scholars and as experienced leaders of the Division and other AoM institutions, will provide a memorable take on the issues close to their heart.

STR Dissertation Award Finalists (Monday 3:00-4:30 p.m., Boston Park Plaza Grand Ballroom B):  Listen and interact with this year’s finalists for the Wiley-Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award, as they present a synopsis of their dissertation research.

STR Business Meeting and Social (Monday 6:30-7:30 p.m., Boston Park Plaza Grand Ballroom AB, and 7:30-9:00 p.m. Boston Park Plaza Grand Ballroom AB): Join us as we discuss STR business, announce award winners, introduce new division leaders, and thank those who have held various positions of STR service. Then, connect with colleagues at the STR Social immediately following.

Updates on New/Continuing Initiatives

(Almost) new awards: This will be just the second year that the Division honors recipients of two biennial awards that were introduced in 2017. Thanks to the initiative of John Mezias and former students, colleagues and friends of the late Bill Guth, our service award has been endowed as the STR William D. Guth Distinguished Service Award. This is all the more appropriate as Bill Guth led the above-mentioned 1969 meeting where STR was conceived, and served as our Division’s first chair. Come to the business meeting to congratulate this year’s winner, Ed Zajac, for his multiple and generous service contributions to our field. We will also announce the winner of the Emerging Scholar Award, which rewards a highly successful recent scholar whose research represents the best of the present and future of the Division. Special thanks to the STR Awards Committee and to the past Division Chairs who helped select the awardees (see the end of this Newsletter for the committee names).

Membership engagement initiatives: To complement the many scholarly events – and indeed to facilitate and extend the academic as well as social conversation, the Division has been working for the last two years to provide a menu of social and cultural events during the conference. Last year, we offered our first New Member Breakfast, an opportunity for new members to meet each other and the Division leaders and friends. Look for future announcements of this year’s event. To formalize other efforts on behalf of members, the Division has named a new officer who will work year-round with the Executive Committee. Our first Membership Engagement Chair is Bilgehan Uzunca – for a while yet, a fellow Dutch resident. In addition to offering versions of the events of the last two years with past volunteers, Bil is looking to assemble a larger committee that will arrange a broader set of events at the conference. See his announcement elsewhere on the website.

And this is just the beginning. Although the annual conference is the main focus of the Division’s efforts and of this newsletter, many members do not get to attend it. Furthermore, among the AoM’s “moonshots”, its overarching ambitions, is “to provide to a diverse membership indispensable value characterized by extensive professional services, vibrant volunteerism, interactive communities, and re-imagined governance” – something that include but goes well beyond the annual conference. Thus, we have started a reflection about what activities and services members would like the Division to undertake and offer outside the conference. Our first goal is to come up with ideas whereby scholars – regardless of rank, location, research and/or teaching mandate, professional status etc. – benefit from their membership throughout the year. If you have ideas about such initiatives that will add value to being part of the STR Division and community year-round, contact me at STRdivision@tilburguniversity.edu. I look forward to hearing from you.

A heartfelt thank you!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my special thanks to all the people who are engaged within the STR division in advancing all these exciting and important initiatives. I would especially like to thank Michael Holmes, our secretary, Paul Drnevich, our treasurer, and Paolo Aversa, our communications director, for their excellent service to the division – and again, welcome to the team Bilgehan (Uzunca)! I would also like to thank all members of the STR Executive Committee, Awards Committee, Global Representatives Committee, Research Committee and Teaching Committee. Each member has made special contributions to our strategic management community during the past year and towards the annual conference.

I also wish to acknowledge the less formal and yet invaluable contributions of many others. During my past four years of service as an officer of your Division, and before that as a member of its Research and Executive committee, I have been very fortunate to witness and work with deeply committed (and often unnamed) members, session and event organizers, and sundry volunteers who have generously contributed, year after year. Thank you all! It is a great pleasure to work with you all – your commitment, energy and willingness to contribute time to the division is truly an inspiration, and as mentioned above I look forward to hearing your ideas for other activities yet!

Last but not least, I would like to thank our Past Division Chair Mary Benner as her five years of service as an officer of the division near their end. Mary, you have provided wisdom, a structured and effective approach to the task – Mary gets things done! – and some invaluable patience and encouragement as I followed your steps during the last four years. To all of you who are reading this message: Please do stop and thank Mary for her superb effort when you see her in Boston.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Boston, and to hear from others!

Xavier Martin
STR Division Chair
Tilburg University

Message from the STR Program Chair

Greetings! The 2019 AOM Annual Meeting is August 9-13 in Boston, MA USA. We have nearly finalized the STR conference program, and I am confident that you will find it exciting and interesting. Please note that STR sessions, meetings, and socials will all be in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel so consider booking your accommodations there for easy access to all of our events. Below is a table of key STR events not to be missed!

Sunday STR Irwin Outstanding Educator Award Reception in Honor of David Mowery 6:00pm – 8:00pm Boston Park Plaza: Statler
Monday STR Plenary: “The Next 50 Years of STR Scholarship: Looking Back to See Forward” (with Jay Barney, Don Hambrick, and Anita McGahan) 11:30am – 1:00pm Boston Park Plaza
Monday STR Best Dissertation Finalists’ Presentations 3:00pm – 4:30pm Boston Park Plaza: Grand Ballroom B
Monday STR Business Meeting (celebrate paper and reviewer awards) 6:30pm – 7:30pm Boston Park Plaza: Grand Ballroom AB
Monday STR Social (catch up with old friends and network with new colleagues) 7:30pm – 9:00pm Boston Park Plaza: Grand Ballroom AB

We have many excellent symposia and paper sessions for our conference in what is shaping up to be a great program. The STR division received 825 papers and 97 symposium submissions (a 2% increase from 2018) from authors representing 41 different countries (down from 51 last year), reflecting the global nature of our STR community.

50 percent of all paper submissions were accepted as either divisional (372) or discussion (36)  papers, consistent with the Academy of Management (AOM) target acceptance rate. Obviously, this means that many fine papers were left off the program.  So that we can accommodate as many papers as possible, we do not use discussants in the sessions.  This structure allows each of the sessions to have four papers presented. Therefore, as in the past few years, we ask Session Chairs to serve as moderators and take an active role in guiding discussions during Q&A.

We accepted 79 symposia (80% acceptance rate), of which 75 are jointly sponsored with other divisions. Accepting so many symposia requires close collaboration with Program Chairs of other divisions (especially TIM, OMT and ENT) to find co-sponsoring divisions. Nearly half of these jointly sponsored symposia will be scheduled by our division and will be in the Boston Park Plaza.

It requires a team effort to process the 922 conference submissions and 3065 reviews in a condensed time frame. A fundamental part of this process are the 1,320 reviewers from 60 different countries that registered to assist with this important work. We are deeply grateful to all of the new and continuing reviewers who gave their time and offered developmental and high-quality reviews, undertaking significant effort to serve our division in this important way. As a result of this collective effort, the vast majority of submissions received three reviews.

There are many other people to thank for their help on the program this year. Jenna Rodrigues, my doctoral student from University of Connecticut, served as Program Chair Assistant this year and did a fantastic job helping in a sundry of important tasks. Emily Cox Pahnke and Vikas Aggarwal served as Associate Editors, helping with accept/reject decisions, recruiting Track Chairs, and Dexter/Newman Award nominations. Eight scholars served as Division Track Chairs, helping to organize papers into cohesive sessions: Andrew Boysen (Corporate and International Strategy Track); Joon Mahn Lee (Strategic Leadership and Governance Track); Christiane Bode (Stakeholder Strategy Track); Dan Olson (Competitive Strategy Track); Douglas Hannah (Innovation Strategy and Industry Dynamics Track); Daniel Armanios (Cooperative Strategy Track); Beverly Tyler (Behavioral Strategy, Process, and Change Track); and Vera Rocha (Strategic Entrepreneurship Track). Thanks also to the AOM Staff, especially Gabe Bramson and Jel Erica Hampson, for all of their assistance during the past year. Finally, warm thanks to the other STR officers –Mary Benner, Xavier Martin, and Heather Berry, with particular thanks to Samina for enthusiastically fielding my many inquiries. 

So, what do we have to look forward to in Boston in August, 2019? Some highlights below:

Conference Track Information

The STR program is organized within tracks, to create opportunities for attendees to interact across related sessions, foster the development of research communities, and minimize time conflicts across sessions. For these reasons, we try to schedule track sessions within a particular room on Monday and Tuesday. The tracks and chairs for 2019 are noted above. Once the program schedule is finalized, we will also publish the conference tracks on the STR listserv and the STR webpage (www.STRdiv.org). These quick guides will help you search for sessions on a common theme within the larger conference program.

Plenary Session

The STR Plenary Session is scheduled on Monday from 11:30am-1pm (in Boston Park Plaza).  The idea behind the plenary session format is to give division members the possibility (with very few other divisional sessions scheduled in parallel) to gather and discuss an important theme. This year, STR features an exciting plenary session entitled “The Last 50 Years of STR Scholarship: Looking Back to See Forward.” The panel, will be moderated by Xavier Martin (Division Chair), and is composed of an extraordinary group of scholars having particular insight on this theme: Jay Barney, Donald Hambrick, and Anita McGahan.

Business Meeting & Social

We will recognize various conference best paper awards at our Monday (6:30-7:30 pm) STR Business Meeting. Recognition will also be given to outstanding reviewers (providing especially detailed, constructive, and timely feedback to authors) for the 2019 program. The social follows immediately afterward (7:30-9:00 pm).

Post slides

Finally, please note that AOM is inviting authors of accepted papers to post their slides to the online program. Authors will also have their full-length papers automatically posted (they can opt out of this choice if they wish). Materials posted will only be available to conference registrants during a given timeframe (likely May-September).

What an experience this has been for me to organize the program for STR! It has been humbling and gratifying to work with so many committed individuals. Having seen so many written words of authors and referees, I look forward to seeing presented in Boston the outstanding research of our members. I am counting on many constructive comments of engaged scholars. I eagerly anticipate meeting the faces that match the names.  I welcome the opportunity to thank all the contributors. Finally, I trust you will find AOM Boston 2019 as valuable and interesting as I do. See you in August!

Timothy B Folta
University of Connecticut
STR Division Program Chair

Message from the Assistant Program Chair

The 2019 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) program at the Academy of Management Meetings in Boston runs Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10, from 8 am – 8 pm each day.

This year’s STR sponsored PDWs provide sessions that develop and update knowledge of empirical methods, review, discuss and apply theories and phenomenon, and enhance and develop teaching skills. See the STR Pre-Conference Schedule at the end of this article for an overview of the sessions, times and places for the 2019 meeting. Members who are interested in sharpening and extending their methods knowledge have a broad portfolio of options this year.

Some highlights include “Methods to Study Organization design,” “Insider Econometrics and Unique Organizational Data,” “Designing and Running Strategy and Innovation Field Experiments,” “Formal Modeling,” “Computational Models in Behavioral Strategy Research,” “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: New Methods and Topics,” and “Replication and Reliability Crisis and the Philosophy of Science Training.”

Members who are interested in deepening their understanding of theories and phenomenon will find many topics and formats … including “Frontiers in Nonmarket Strategy,” “Evolutionary Economics and Corporate Strategy,” “Psychological Perspectives on Strategy,” “Heuristics and Cognitive Biases of Decision Makers,” “Coopetition,” “Diversity in Corporate Boards,” and “Corporate Strategy in Healthcare,” among several others.

Members who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills will find a range of PDWs on offer again this year. One PDW will focus on hybrid and online-only formats and we will be offering for the second time the very popular “Walk-in” Strategy Teaching Clinic,” which will allow our members to seek feedback on specific issues from expert mentors. Our Junior Faculty Teaching Consortium will also be offered again this year.

Members who are interested in paper development, please consider submitting your applications to either the “Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop” or the “Fostering Publications from Around the World.” The latter session targets scholars from regions historically under-represented within AOM to overcome obstacles related to publishing in leading journals. For members interested in attending our Consortia (i.e., Dissertation, Doctoral, New Faculty, Mid-Career Faculty, Junior Faculty Teaching), please look for application deadlines on the STR listserv.

Almost all of the STR lead-sponsored sessions will take place in the Boston Park Plaza. If you have questions about a PDW, please direct them to the PDW organizer, listed first among the participants in the AOM program.

On behalf of the officers, I want to convey gratitude to all contributing to these growth opportunities, including all the PDW and consortia organizers and all of the committed panelists.

Thank you.

Heather Berry
George Washington University
STR Assistant Program Chair

STR Executive Committee Candidates

Asli M. Arikan is an assistant professor of Strategic Management at Kent State University. Asli’s research primarily focuses on the corporate strategy of firms from various theoretical perspectives and contexts such as the survival and growth of newly IPOed firms, technological investment decisions, and the relationship between intangible assets and firm performance. She is also interested in exploring the role of governments and markets in the emergence and valuation of new types of capital in an economy. Her work appeared or is accepted in the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business, and the Journal of Finance. She is a recipient of several research awards, including the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Booz-Allen Hamilton Paper Prize and Robert Litschert Best Doctoral Student Paper Award. She is currently serving on the Editorial Boards of Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Review, after completing a 3-year term for the Journal of Management. Asli Arikan has been active in the Corporate Strategy and Competitive Strategy Interest Groups as well as the Research Methods Community of the SMS as an elected representative-at-large for several terms. Currently, she is the elected Associate Program Chair for the Research Methods Community of SMS. She also served on the Research Committee of the (then) BPS division and received her Ph.D. with concentrations in Strategic Management and Corporate Finance from Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University.

Guoli Chen is an Associate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. Guoli’s research focuses on the influence of top executives, and boards of directors on strategic choices and organizational outcomes, as well as the dynamics in CEO-board relationships and corporate governance. He is also interested in organizational growth, renewal, sustainability, and corporate development activities, such as M&As, IPOs and innovation. His work has been published in top academic journals including Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Organization Science among others. Guoli is the Program Chair for the Corporate Strategy division of Strategic Management Society, and serves as a member of research committee for the Academy of Management’s STR division. He also served on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review and Strategic Management Journal. Guoli published several cases on Chinese companies, such as “Huawei’s smartphone business”, “Uber vs. Didi: The race for China’s Ride-hailing Market”. He has won the Strategic Management Society Emerging Scholar Award in 2016. Guoli received his Ph.D. in strategic management from the Pennsylvania State University.

Raffaele Conti is Associate Professor of Strategy at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. He earned his PhD in management from Bocconi University and his MSc in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University. His research examines the relationship between institutions and strategic management, examining in particular how the institutional environment influences both the creation and the appropriation of value deriving from new business opportunities. Raffaele’s research was published in the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science, the Journal of Business Venturing and the Academy of Management Annals. He was the recipient of the Best PhD Paper Award from Strategic Management Society, and of the Best Entrepreneurship Paper from the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management (AOM). Raffaele was also finalist for the Emerging Scholar Award from the Technology and Innovation Management Division of the AOM, for the Best Paper Award from the same division, and for the ISPIM-Wiley Dissertation Award. Raffaele has been a member of the Research Committee of the Strategic Management Division of the AOM, and currently serves on the editorial review board of the Strategic Management Journal.

Felipe Csaszar is an associate professor of strategy at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. His research focuses on how managers’ mental representations and firms’ decision-making structures affect firm-level outcomes such as innovation, speed, and profits. More broadly, he is interested in combining formal modeling and empirical approaches to understand how firms can make better strategic decisions.

His work has been published in top academic journals including Management Science, Organization Science, Strategy Science, and the Strategic Management Journal. Felipe sits in the editorial board of Academy of Management Review and Strategy Science and serves as associate editor for Organization Science.

Before joining the Ross School of Business, he was assistant professor of strategy at INSEAD. He received his PhD in strategy from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Prior to pursuing his PhD, he was head of research of an asset management firm and CEO of an Internet startup.

Marco Giarratana is Professor of Strategy at IE Business School, and since 2017 the actual Chair of the Strategy Department.

His main research interests focus on the role of diversification, product strategies, IPRs, and performance. His second stream of research is related to strategies for social business hybrids; he is studying new strategic business models that could help firms with a strong social connotation to thrive and survive.

His work has been published in journals like Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and Management Science, among others.

Professor Giarratana holds a PhD in Economics and Management from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa. He was assistant and associate professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2003-2010), and associate and full professor at Bocconi University in Milan (2011-2016).

Ha Hoang is Professor of Management and co-chair of the Management Department at ESSEC Business School. Her teaching and research focuses on strategic alliances, competitive and cooperative dynamics, founder role identity development, and employee entrepreneurship. Her work has been published in leading journals including Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Management Journal and Strategic Organization. She is a senior editor at Organization Studies and is an editorial review board member at Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. She served as co-chair of the Strategic Management Society International Conference in 2018.  She was the Rudolf and Valeria Maag Fellow in Entrepreneurship at INSEAD, Lewis-Progressive Assistant Professor of Management at Case University, and won the Sage-Louis Pondy Award for Best Paper based on a Dissertation from the Academy of Management. She holds a PhD from University of California, Berkeley.

John Joseph is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of California Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. John received his Ph.D. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  John’s research examines organizational designs for better strategic planning, technology development, and growth. John’s research has been published or is forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Long Range Planning, Advances in Strategic Management, and other peer-reviewed publications. In 2017, he received the prestigious Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award for “Entry Timing and Innovation Strategy in Feature Phones” published in Strategic Management Journal.  John is a member of the Academy of Management and is a representative-at-large of the behavioral strategy interest groups of the Strategic Management Society. He is co-editor for the Journal of Organizational Design, and serves as an editorial board member of Administrative Science Quarterly and Strategic Management Journal.  He recently published a co-edited volume of Advances in Strategic Management on Organization Design.

Jiao Luo is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Her research interests lie at the intersection of non-market strategy and organization theory. She examines when and how firms participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, and the social impact of these activities. Jiao’s research has been published at the Strategic Management Journal and Administrative Science Quarterly and has been recognized by a number of awards, including the Academy of Management Meeting STR Distinguished Paper Award, Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper Prize (Honorable Mention), Alliance of Research in Corporate Sustainability Outstanding Paper Award, and Responsible Research in Management Award (Finalist). Jiao sits on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Review and Strategic Management Journal, and was a co-editor for the 2018 Advances in Strategic Management volume on “Sustainability, Corporate Governance and CSR.” Jiao has previously served the division as a co-organizer for STR dissertation consortium in 2017 and 2018, as well as a member of the research committee. Jiao received a Ph.D. in Management at Columbia Business School. Prior to that, she received a B.S. in Economics from Renmin University of China, and a joint M.P.A. in Public and Economic Policy from London School of Economics and Columbia University.

Ram Ranganathan is an Assistant Professor in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas-Austin. His research focuses on institutional factors influencing firm strategy during technological change, including pressures from Wall Street analysts and investors, and the challenges of coordinating shared platform technologies in ecosystems. Ram’s work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal and Organization Science, where he also serves on the Editorial Board. He is a recipient of the Academy of Management’s TIM Division Emerging Scholar Award, the Stephen M. Schrader Best Paper Award, the Strategic Management Society’s Best PhD student paper award and was a finalist for the Best Dissertation award in the BPS and TIM Divisions. Ram has been a co-organizer of the STR Dissertation Consortium and the BPS Managing your Dissertation Workshop, has served on the BPS Research Committee and the TIM Best Paper Awards committee, and is currently a Representative-at-Large for SMS’ Cooperative Strategy and Competitive Strategy IGs. He holds a PhD from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to academia, Ram worked a management consultant with Deloitte in Southern California, and as a software engineer with Siemens Public Communication Networks.

Metin Sengul is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.  Metin’s research bridges competitive and corporate strategy by exploring the interdependence of organization design and strategy choices.  Much of his work focuses on strategic decisions by managers of multiunit-multimarket firms, such as diversified firms, business groups, and multinationals, and social enterprises.  His research has been published or forthcoming in leading academic journals, including the Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, and has received numerous scholarly distinctions.  He is currently a co-editor for the Journal of Organization Design and serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Global Strategy Journal, and Organization Science.  Metin received his PhD in management from INSEAD. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a consultant in the healthcare industry and also co-founded an advertisement agency, wherein he served as a managing-partner.

Yuliya Snihur is an Associate Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at the Toulouse Business School, France. Yuliya teaches and studies strategy-formation processes in new ventures and the evolution of strategic management in existing firms based on the analysis of firms’ business models. She is researching the role of time and language in strategy-making by applying theories of organizational imprinting, complexity, and cognitive framing. To this end, she uses hand-collected interview data, fieldwork, and longitudinal datasets to build theory. Yuliya has published in such journals as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Long Range Planning, and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. Yuliya was the finalist for the 2018 Academy of Management Organization and Management Theory Division’s Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award and has received the 2014 Heizer Dissertation Award by the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship division. She serves as Associate Editor at Long Range Planning. Yuliya received her PhD in management from the IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), prior to which she worked in corporate finance.    

Elena Vidal is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at Baruch College, City University of New York. She completed her Ph.D. in Strategy from Duke University, and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. Her research sheds light on organizational change via reconfiguration of resources, particularly looking at the antecedents and consequences of divestitures. Elena’s research has been published in journals like Organization Science and Strategic Management Journal, where she serves on the editorial review board. Elena has been an active member of the Strategic Management Society, where she was a Representative-at-Large for the Competitive Strategy Interest Group, as well as the STR Division of the Academy of Management where she has served as a member of the Research Committee since 2018. 

STR Assistant Program Chair Candidates

Michael Leiblein (PhD, Purdue)is an Associate Professor with expertise in competitive strategy and innovation management.

Michael’s research explores the causes and consequences of resource allocation and organizational design choices. He has published over a dozen articles in FT 50 journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategy Science and had his work disseminated into practice through prominent periodicals including the Financial Times. His dissertation was a finalist for the BPS Free Press Doctoral Dissertation award and his subsequent research has received honors and recognitions from the STR (BPS), TIM, and OM divisions of the Academy of Management as well as the Academy of International Business (AIB), and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Michael’s service to the field has been consistent and significant. He is the founding co-editor of the Strategic Management Review (2020 launch) and currently serves on the editorial and review boards of the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategy Science. He has received the development reviewer of the year award from the Academy of Management Review and several outstanding editorial board member awards from the Strategic Management Journal. He is co-chair of the Strategic Research Foundation where he oversees the disbursement of research grants through three SMS funding programs. He has served as an advisory panelist for the National Science Foundation, as a guest editor for a special issue at Strategy Science that addressed “What makes a decision strategic?”, and as an associate editor for the Journal of Management. He has also served as Chair of the Competitive Strategy Interest Group at SMS and on the executive committee and research committee for the STR / BPS division of the Academy of Management.

Vision Statement

I am honored to be nominated and grateful for the opportunity to serve as an Assistant Program Chair for the STR division.

If elected, I will continue many of the important programs that have led to our division’s prior accomplishments and strive to institute additional programs to ensure our future success. In particular, I will continue to support rigorous and relevant research and teaching activities from multiple theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches through PDWs and co-sponsored sessions. I will seek to expand programs to welcome new members and fully engage our global community of scholars through mentorship programs and directed welcoming sessions. I will aim to initiate crowdsourcing efforts to identify new needs and programming formats including interactive online formats. I will aim to expand our efforts to support teaching through PDW’s that focus on particular strategy topics, course modules, or pedagogical tools.

I believe that ensuring the future success of our division requires that we take steps to address important changes in higher education and the field of Strategic Management. In my opinion, we should consider: (1) creating plenary sessions and other forums to discuss the apparent disconnect between the research topics debated in our journals and the content featured in our textbooks; (2) creating plenary and panel sessions to identify opportunities to better integrate research across thematic tracks within our division and between our division and other divisions; (3) sponsoring programs and webinars to help faculty more effectively generate and manage external research funds (e.g., through interactions with NSF) or engage with practice (e.g., through involvement with organizations such as the YPO/WPO).

In sum, I believe the role of our division leadership is to facilitate conversations that identify challenges and opportunities facing our field and to direct resources to collectively advance our research, teaching, and outreach activities.

Libby Weber is an Associate Professor in the Strategy Area in the Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. She received her Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Strategy from the University of Southern California. In her research, she integrates psychology into transaction cost economics to examine the influences of cognitive factors (e.g. perceptions, frames, expectations, attributions and biases) on interfirm and intrafirm exchanges, as well as organizational design. She has published her research in the Academy of Management Review, the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, as well as the Academy of Management Proceedings. She also won a BPS (now STR) Division Distinguished Paper Award in 2014 and was a finalist for the Strategic Management Society Conference Best Paper Award in 2016. Libby serves on the editorial board at the Academy of Management Journal and the Academy of Management Review. She was also an elected Representative-at-Large for the Corporate Strategy interest group in the Strategic Management Society and previously served on the BPS Executive Committee in the Academy of Management. During her tenure on the executive committee, Libby developed and instituted the Ambassador’s Program, creating a more visible role for PhD students in the division, co-developed the first STR community-building social event at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta (with Giada Di Stefano), and enhanced division awareness through swag creation and distribution. Following the end of her term, Libby was asked by STR officers to informally reprise this role by managing the executive committee members in charge of membership outreach and helping STR create a permanent membership outreach chair position on the executive committee and a membership outreach committee to further engage new and current members, as well as enhance STR’s inclusivity and community.

Vision Statement

I feel incredibly honored to be nominated to run for assistant program chair of the STR division. This division has been my home at the Academy of Management since I entered my PhD program and has played such a significant role in my development as a scholar. As such, I am excited at the prospect to be able to give back to this division in this role by further enhancing the experience for current and future STR members. The STR division has always been dedicated to the development of PhD students and the support of junior and senior scholars through its expansive offerings of PDWs and consortia. It has also been a place to share research and get insightful feedback on your ideas through paper sessions and symposia. In addition, STR has been a source of great support and understanding, as fellow STR members often share the triumphs and frustration of crafting high quality theory, using novel methods, and trying to convince Reviewer 2 that their paper is worthy of publication. STR has also offered resources for developing courses and introducing novel approaches to teaching through PDWs and online resources. As such, this division already provides significant scholarly, career and teaching support to its members.

So where should STR go from here? Building on this solid foundation, as well as our recent name change and updated Division Statement, I believe that STR is poised to move to the next level in best serving its members. First, STR can benefit significantly by expanding our community-building efforts. As a former executive committee member, I worked with past program chairs to establish the membership outreach program designed to increase participation of scholars from diverse subject areas, geographies and institutions in our division. However, these initial efforts were largely limited to the annual conference and primarily focused on engaging PhD students. While this is a wonderful first step, I believe that we need to keep expanding both our social and academic events to allow for greater community-building both within and outside of the annual meeting. Second, although our social media platform has significantly expanded, there is much more that we can do with these digital tools to provide members with cutting edge teaching, research and career support. These efforts do not have to be limited solely to when we converge for our annual meetings. Finally, I believe that we should open up new opportunities for participation from our diverse membership. As our updated division statement reflects, STR has a membership with diverse interests that hail from various geographic locations and institutions. This diversity fuels novel ideas that can benefit our division. By mobilizing this membership to participate in our division by creating various roles that are accessible to scholars of all levels, STR will be able to benefit from these novel ideas, leading to even more innovation and success in our future.

STR Division Hotel at the AOM Conference 2019 (Boston)

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Dear STR Division Members,

For those of you who are planning to attend the 2019 AOM Annual Meeting in Boston, I would like to inform you that our division’s sessions will be mostly held at Boston Park Plaza (click here for a map). At this link you will find the list of locations for all AOM Divisions, interest groups, and committees. This might be particularly useful in case your sessions are held at different locations.

Please check this link to know more about the AOM hotel accommodations and online hotel reservation. You may also want to look at this webpage for Boston travel information.

Hope this helps in your planning for AOM 2019.

See you in Boston!


Tim Folta

STR Program Chair

Tim Folta
University of Connecticut
STR Division Program Chair