Message from the Assistant Program Chair

The 2019 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) program at the Academy of Management Meetings in Boston runs Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10, from 8 am – 8 pm each day.

This year’s STR sponsored PDWs provide sessions that develop and update knowledge of empirical methods, review, discuss and apply theories and phenomenon, and enhance and develop teaching skills. See the STR Pre-Conference Schedule at the end of this article for an overview of the sessions, times and places for the 2019 meeting. Members who are interested in sharpening and extending their methods knowledge have a broad portfolio of options this year.

Some highlights include “Methods to Study Organization design,” “Insider Econometrics and Unique Organizational Data,” “Designing and Running Strategy and Innovation Field Experiments,” “Formal Modeling,” “Computational Models in Behavioral Strategy Research,” “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: New Methods and Topics,” and “Replication and Reliability Crisis and the Philosophy of Science Training.”

Members who are interested in deepening their understanding of theories and phenomenon will find many topics and formats … including “Frontiers in Nonmarket Strategy,” “Evolutionary Economics and Corporate Strategy,” “Psychological Perspectives on Strategy,” “Heuristics and Cognitive Biases of Decision Makers,” “Coopetition,” “Diversity in Corporate Boards,” and “Corporate Strategy in Healthcare,” among several others.

Members who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills will find a range of PDWs on offer again this year. One PDW will focus on hybrid and online-only formats and we will be offering for the second time the very popular “Walk-in” Strategy Teaching Clinic,” which will allow our members to seek feedback on specific issues from expert mentors. Our Junior Faculty Teaching Consortium will also be offered again this year.

Members who are interested in paper development, please consider submitting your applications to either the “Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop” or the “Fostering Publications from Around the World.” The latter session targets scholars from regions historically under-represented within AOM to overcome obstacles related to publishing in leading journals. For members interested in attending our Consortia (i.e., Dissertation, Doctoral, New Faculty, Mid-Career Faculty, Junior Faculty Teaching), please look for application deadlines on the STR listserv.

Almost all of the STR lead-sponsored sessions will take place in the Boston Park Plaza. If you have questions about a PDW, please direct them to the PDW organizer, listed first among the participants in the AOM program.

On behalf of the officers, I want to convey gratitude to all contributing to these growth opportunities, including all the PDW and consortia organizers and all of the committed panelists.

Thank you.

Heather Berry
George Washington University
STR Assistant Program Chair

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