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Distinguished Student Paper Award

Oren Reshef (U. of California at Berkley) "Smaller Slices of a Growing Pie: The Effects of Entry in Platform Markets"

Mingtao Xu (Purdue U.) "Value Appropriation Mechanisms and Resource Valuation: A Theory of Patent Monetization" 
Toby Li (Rice U.) "Pay to Play: Examining the Consequences of Making Unilateral Relationship-Specific Investments"

Sungyong Chang (London Business School) “Does Unbundling Facilitate Experimentation and the Discovery of New Talent?”

Jongsoo Kim (Purdue U.): “Star Performers turned Managers and Organisational Outcomes”
Sunkee Lee (INSEAD): “The Organizational Design of Spatial Proximity and its Influence on Organizational Learning”

Megan Lawrence (Harvard U.): “Who Learns from Whom? Divisionalization and Local Learning”
Peter Snoeren (Bocconi U.): “A Stakeholder Based View of Firm Growth: Stakeholder Orientation and Value Creation from Growth”


Aleksey Korniychuk (HEC Paris): “Keep It Simple: Asymmetric Error in Strategic Problem Formulation”
Douglas Hannah (Stanford U.): “Origins and Outcomes of Strategy in Nascent Ecosystems”


Addis Birhanu (Bocconi U.): “Affiliation to Business Groups: Strategizing or Economizing Mechanism? Evidence From ‘Arab Spring’”
Elad Green (New York U.): “Parallel Search as a Competitive Response: How Technological Positioning Affects R&D Strategy”


Chirag Kasbekar (Emory U.), “Geographic Concentration and Competitive Experience: Postbellum Firearms Firms the in US South”
Gianluigi Giustiziero (U. of Michigan), “Vertical and Horizontal Expansion in Value-based Models”


Octavio Jose Martinez (U. of Toronto): “Performance Implications of Vertical Integration and Industrial Agglomeration under Demand Slowdown”
Wei Guo (U. of Maryland): “The Power of Plain Language: Executives’ Rhetoric and Stock Market Reaction”


Keyvan Vakili (U. of Toronto): “Strategic Patenting and the Tragedy of Anticommons: A Closer Look at Firms’ Patenting Behavior.”
Joshua Sears (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): “Technology Overlap and the Acquisition of External Technology by Leaders versus Laggards”


Carmelo Cennamo (IE Business School) for “Racing for the Market: A Study of the Factors Affecting Resource Preempting Ability of Pioneers.”
Kyle Ehrhardt (U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) for “Reconsidering the Slack-Performance Relationship: A Top Manager Characteristics Model.”


Ioannis Ioannou (Harvard U) for: The Impact of Different Types of Spinoffs on Firm Survival: US Automobile Industry 1890-1986.
Eric Zhao (U of Toronto) for: Compensatory Legitimation: Naming Strategies and the Categorical Imperative.


Matt Marx (Harvard University) for: On a short leash? Young organizations, strategic change, and venture capital.
Guoli Chen (Pennsylvania Sate U.) for: Performance consequences of CEO replacement in turnaround situations.