2019 STR Division Outstanding Dissertation Award

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STR will offer the Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award in Strategic Management again in 2019. Any doctoral dissertation may be entered that satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The dissertation addresses topics in the area of strategic management.
  2. The dissertation was completed between February 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019, where the completion date is when the degree is completed and awarded.
  3. The dissertation was not previously submitted for consideration for this award. A dissertation may be submitted to STR and other divisions simultaneously if it fits within each division’s domain statement. The STR domain statement can be found at http://strdiv.org/ (under About).

Interested recent graduates should submit electronically (via email) the following Word documents as attachments to an email to Division Chair Elect Samina Karim (samina@northeastern.edu), with the subject heading “STR Division Outstanding Dissertation Award submission”:

  1. A one-page abstract of the dissertation (without author name)
  2. A ten-page, double-spaced summary of the dissertation (without author name)
  3. A separate cover page listing your name, the dissertation’s title, the completion date, the name of the university granting your degree, your current university affiliation and any intervening affiliation, and a complete list of dissertation committee members (advisor, other committee members, any “defense opponent” etc.) and their affiliations.

In order to facilitate compliance with the STR conflict of interest policy and the blind review process, please remove any author-identifying information from your abstract and dissertation summary.

Submissions must be received by Friday February 28, 2019. (Submissions will not be accepted by fax or regular mail.) Members of the STR Division Research Committee will evaluate the dissertation summaries and invite a subset of entrants to submit their complete dissertations in March 2019 for further evaluation.

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
Division Chair – Elect

Invitation to Volunteer and Join the STR Division Leadership as Membership Engagement Chair

STR Offsite event: Chicago architectural boat tour

Do you enjoy interacting with fellow members of the Strategic Management Division in a social as well as professional setting? Do you like organizing events that connect people? Are you up to leading a team of fellow volunteers who will create new events and experiences as well as serve the practical needs of other members? Then get involved by volunteering to be the new Membership Engagement Chair for the STR Division!

The STR Membership Engagement Chair will lead and organize activities to engage the STR division’s members, primarily at the annual Academy of Management meeting.  The person in this position will coordinate the activities of a committee of volunteers, and will also work closely with the STR Communications Director and division officers.

STR is beginning the process of establishing this position as an appointed officer of the division.

A description of the position is provided below.  For more information about this important and exciting volunteering opportunity, contact Mary Benner, mbenner@umn.edu

How to Apply

Interested volunteers should submit a brief (i.e., < 500 words) statement of interest that answers the following questions:

  1. a) Why are you interested in the Membership Engagement Chair position?
  2. b) What are your qualifications for the position?

Applications are due by November 30 and should be emailed to Mary Benner, mbenner@umn.edu. Please make sure the phrase “Membership Engagement Chair” is in the subject line of the email.


Strategic Management Division – Membership Engagement Chair Description

The STR Membership Engagement Chair will lead and organize activities to engage the STR division’s members, primarily at the annual Academy of Management meeting.  The person in this position will coordinate the activities of a committee of volunteers, and will also work closely with the STR Communications Director and division officers.

The Membership Engagement Chair is expected to attend the entire annual meeting. The activities coordinated by the person serving in this position include:

  1. Recruiting a group of STR Ambassadors (these are PhD student volunteers, typically we need 25-30), and assigning them to various tasks during the meetings, and coordinating their activities.
  2. Designing and ordering STR branded “swag”
    1. Responsibility for coordinating designing and ordering t-shirts for STR ambassadors
    2. Responsibility for creating/ordering stickers and (possibly) an STR Division giveaway for the annual meeting
  3. Organizing and advertising offsite events for members at the annual meeting
    1. Coordinating one or more off-site events for STR members at the annual meeting
    2. May involve working with local organizers and other volunteers
    3. These events have been popular in the past. If the price for the event is in the range of $20-$40, we can anticipate attendance of over 75 members.
    4. Organizing these events requires planning and communication on how participants can register and pre-pay.
    5. Coordinating communication about the activities to members, including working with the Communications Director and preparing an email to send from the Division Chair
  4. At the annual meeting:
    1. Local organization and participation in the offsite event(s)
    2. Serving as the STR division contact for the AOM membership committee. Help solicit division representatives to staff new member events at the annual meeting (e.g. these include the new member hospitality suite, new member orientation, and possibly others as announced by the AOM membership committee)
    3. Assisting in finding division representatives to staff the AoM’s New Doctoral Student Consortium
    4. Coordinating STR Ambassador participation in various STR events, to hand out stickers and giveaways, drink tickets, leading members from hotels to offsite events, etc. (Possible events include the STR doctoral, dissertation, new faculty, mid-career, and teaching consortia, Managing your Dissertation workshop, Jr Faculty paper development workshop, plenary session, business meeting, STR social, and any offsite events, also the AOM new student doctoral consortium and the new member events)
    5. Picking up the division ribbons for lanyards and distributing those and stickers, etc. to division officers and EC members to wear and to hand out
  5. Participating in the STR Executive Committee’s two annual executive committee meetings. One is at the annual AOM meetings in August. The other (the Winter meeting) is usually held in early March at a location that varies annually. Travel to the winter meeting is partially subsidized by the STR division.
  6. Recommending and implementing new initiatives that will engage current members and attract new ones to the division.
  7. Assisting with identifying your own replacement at the end of the term, and helping with a smooth transition.

Preview of the Newsletter Announcements

Dear Members,

due to a delay in publishing this year’s Newsletter (which is outside our scope), we are here providing a “preview” of the contents we will display in our Fall 2018 Newsletter.

Thanks for your understanding.


Paolo Aversa
Cass Business School
STR Division Communications Director

Links to the Announcements

Thank you for your participation in AOM 2018!

Dear STR members,

Thank you for your participation in the Academy meeting in Chicago! The STR Division had terrific professional development workshops, many great symposia and paper sessions, and a thought-provoking plenary session where leading scholars in the field discussed the balance between the important but messy questions we study in strategy research and the improvements in methods that give us better answers. 

We celebrated our outstanding papers and dissertations, and Sharon Oster as our Irwin Award winner.  We said goodbye to Brian Silverman as Past Chair and welcomed Heather Berry as incoming Assistant Program Chair, as well as several new members of the executive committee, research committee, teaching committee, awards committee, and global representatives committee.  We also had a great response to our two off-site events (an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River and a visit to the Chicago Institute of Arts).  We are grateful to the engaged group of STR Ambassadors guiding division members to activities and handing out STR stickers and sunglasses.

Thank you for your contributions to the annual meeting and other STR Division activities!
See you in Boston in 2019!

Mary Benner
University of Minnesota
STR Division Chair


Highlights from the AOM2018 STR Division Program

Dear STR members,

As you prepare for the Chicago conference, the online program will give you access to the 27 PDWs (plus 41 co-sponsored PDWs), 100 paper and discussion paper sessions, and 73 symposia of the STR division. Here is a reminder and update of some of the plenary events for our division.

Due to circumstances outside the control of all involved, the Distinguished Scholar session in honor of Michael Porter, initially scheduled for Saturday evening, has been cancelled. However, there will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate the best of our field! These include:

Finally, look for a separate announcement about two offsite events that the STR Division is organizing for its members on Sunday Aug 12. Hint: They will feature the best of Chicago’s art and architecture!

We look forward to seeing you at these and other division events in Chicago!

The STR Division Officers

Join the STR Division in Chicago at two exciting offsite events!

Dear STR Members,

The STR (Strategic Management) Division is glad to announce two exciting off-site events at the 2018 AOM Annual Meeting!

Because last year’s off-site event received such a positive response, this year we are sponsoring two off-site events on Sunday August 12 in Chicago, to give our members the opportunity to enjoy Chicago and interact outside the official conference venues. Both events are a short walk (15 minutes) from the conference hotels, and STR Ambassadors will guide you there!

The STR division is providing tickets at a deeply discounted price. Members who are interested in participating will be charged a special group rate. If you are interested in joining, you need to reserve your slot and pay in advance. Please see the details below regarding how to sign up for each event.

Make sure to book your ticket soon as places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mary Benner
Division Chair

Evan Rawley
Executive Committee Member

Libby Weber
Executive Committee Member

A Visit to The Art Institute in Chicago

When: Sunday August 12th, 10:30 a.m.
Where: Art Institute of Chicago, 111 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603.
Cost: discounted tickets at $15 per person.
Availability: 40 tickets at discounted price – first come first served.

How to sign up and reserve your ticket: click here.

A Chicago architectural boat tour

When: Sunday August 12, at 3:15 p.m.
Where: The Ogden Slip at McClurg Court, 465 N. McClurg Court, Chicago, IL 60611.
Cost: discounted tickets at $23 per person.
Availability: 55 tickets at the discounted price – first come first served.

How to sign up and reserve your ticket: click here.

2018 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award for Excellence in MBA/Executive Education

The 2018 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award for Excellence in MBA/Executive Education goes to Sharon Oster!

The Irwin Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an MBA/executive educator who has demonstrated outstanding teaching ability, an important impact on teaching pedagogy, and deep passion about the subject of strategic management and about the intellectual development of students. The Awards Committee (see the end of this Newsletter) was impressed by Sharon Oster’s outstanding range of contributions to strategic management education.

Sharon Oster is the Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Yale School of Management. She has been at Yale University since graduating with a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University. From 2008 to 2011, she served as Dean of the Yale School of Management.

She is author of five textbooks including the highly influential Modern Competitive Analysis (in its third edition) and Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations, plus 19 cases including three of the 40 most influential Yale Management School cases as of 2017. She has made lasting contributions by designing and redeveloping influential core courses ranging from microeconomics to strategic management; by developing a pioneering course and program in non-profit management, which distinguishes the Yale School of Management as part of its mission to “Educate leaders for Business and Society”; and by shaping a ground-breaking MBA curriculum featuring integrated, cross-disciplinary courses.

Sharon Oster’s teaching style is renowned for a mix of demanding preparation and in-class rigor, engagement and insightful story telling. Her teaching has been recognized by Yale School of Management Awards for Excellence in Teaching and she was featured on Poets and Quants’ World’s Best B-School Professors and listed among the 20 most influential business professors. When she assumed the position as dean of the Yale School of Management in 2008, her appointment inspired an anonymous $1 million donation to Yale College to support education, creating the Sharon Oster Resource Fund to promote efforts to unite students with faculty.

Her consistent and comprehensive mentoring of female colleagues, especially junior ones, is widely recognized. For her exemplary career and role in the recruiting and fostering of female colleagues, she received the 2011 Carolyn Shaw Bell Award from the American Economic Association. As her former student and teaching assistant Patricia Johnson describes it, Sharon Oster’s mentoring has been instrumental in “shaping the culture of Yale SOM as a place of great learning and a community that has supported and shaped my life.”

It is with great pride that the STR Division congratulates Professor Sharon Oster on her selection as the 2018 Irwin Outstanding Educator. We hope to see you at the award session on Sunday evening (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Swissôtel Chicago) to celebrate Sharon Oster’s achievements! 

Best wishes,
Xavier Martin
STR Division Chair-elect

Call for PhD students to serve as official STR Ambassadors at AOM 2018 – Chicago

The STR (Strategic Management) Division (formerly BPS) is looking for STR Ambassadors for the 2018 AOM Annual Meeting!

Are you a Ph.D. student? Would you like to get involved with the STR Division? Are you interested in meeting as many scholars as possible during the annual meeting? If yes, then we would be happy to make you an STR Ambassador!

As a STR Ambassador, you are expected to represent the division at the conference venues, distribute promotional materials at some events during the conference, help answer general questions about the division, and provide support to other members (don’t worry, we will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions).

If you are interested in helping us out, please send an email expressing your interest to Executive Committee Member Elena Novelli at novelli@city.ac.uk. Places are limited, so hurry up! 

We look forward to having you on board.

Thank you and see you in Chicago!
Best regards,

Mary Benner
University of Minnesota
STR Division Chair

STR Distinguished Scholar Award

Introduced in 2018, the STR Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes the most outstanding and distinguished career contributors to strategic management scholarship. The recipient of the award is a scholar:

  • whose body of research has contributed substantial knowledge to the field of strategic management,
  • whose intellectual contributions have been central to the development of the field,
  • who has personally contributed significantly to thought leadership of the field.

The inaugural STR Distinguished Scholar Award goes to
Michael E. Porter.

Michael Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard University and Harvard Business School.  Following a BSE with high honors in aerospace and mechanical engineering from Princeton University, an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School, and a PhD in business economics from Harvard University, he has spent his career at Harvard Business School. In addition to a tremendously influence body of academic research, he has co-founded the consulting firm The Monitor Group (now part of Deloitte) and FSG, a social impact consultancy, plus three non-profit organizations (the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, the Center for Effective Philanthropy and the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) and large academic endeavors such as the Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness and the Cluster Mapping Project. The STR Awards Committee (see the end of this Newsletter) recognized Michael Porter’s extraordinary intellectual achievements and contributions to the field of strategic management. He has (co)authored 19 books alongside over 125 academic and practitioner articles. Starting with “Competitive Strategy” (1980), he contributed a disciplined analytical foundation to strategy scholarship, and then developed the implications of his work on industry structure, the value chain, and strategic positioning for a variety of enterprise forms and levels of analysis – such as diversified corporations, multinational firms, strategic alliances, industrial clusters and agglomerations, and national socio-economic systems. In addition to his groundbreaking contributions to the strategic analysis of industry competition and the competitive and corporate advantage of firms, he has tackled some of the most salient “grand challenges” of our times, such as national economic development and sustained industrial competitiveness, environmental policy, socially responsible business models and corporate philanthropy, the value and costing of health care, and the transformative power of information technology. Furthermore, his extraordinary contributions to the spread of strategy as an academic discipline and as practice have included the development of highly influential course material and cases; an unprecedented seven McKinsey Awards for the best Harvard Business Review article of the year; consulting to major corporations; and advising governments and non-profit / non-governmental organizations and participating in leading global forums where strategic management thus addresses major issues of our time.

STR congratulates Professor Michael Porter on his selection as the first-ever recipient of this award! Please join us at a dedicated session on Saturday (6:30pm – 8:30pm, Fairmont International Ballroom), featuring an extended presentation by Michael Porter and a reception afterwards. 

Best wishes,
Xavier Martin
STR Division Chair-elect