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2018 AOM STR Teaching PDW “State of the Art of Using Simulations in Teaching Strategy”

In this year’s annual STR Teaching PDW we sought to provide PDW participants with an overview of both leading semester-long general market simulations and shorter, focused simulations (with fewer dimensions of choice) for participants wishing to use simulations for specific topics, rather than throughout the term.

The primary objectives of this PDW were twofold. First, it introduced and provided short demonstrations of four different simulations—two general market simulations and two focused simulations—that can provide powerful experiential learning in the classroom. Second, it provided participants with the opportunity to engage with the presenters and organizers during an interactive Q&A to learn how to integrate these simulations into their own courses. We concluded with summary comments from the presenters and organizers.

Part I: General Market Simulations
Presenter: Frank T. Rothaermel, Georgia Institute of Technology
2. The Business Strategy Game
Presenter: Marvin Washington, U. of Alberta

Part II: Focused Simulations
3. Back Bay Battery
Presenter: Tammy L. Madsen, Santa Clara U.
4. Strategic Management Games
Presenter: Michael J. Leiblein, Ohio State U.

Clicking on the presenters’ names above will give you access to their presentation slides from this PDW.

Happy teaching!

Manuela Hoehn-Weiss and Nan Jia
STR Division Teaching PDW Co-Organizers