Call for papers

Strategy Science


Submission deadline: October 31, 2018

Guest Editors:

Ron Adner, Tuck School, Dartmouth College
Phanish Puranam, INSEAD
Feng Zhu, Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Digitization has had profound impacts on the nature of competition and, more generally, on the organization of economic systems within and across firms. While there have been important contributions to our understanding of these changes, these discussions have arguably not been as central in the strategy literature as merited. Further, the topic of digital transformation has generally been considered with respect to specific industry settings or technological platforms, rather than in a more integrated or holistic manner. Digitalization impacts how actors share information, coordinate, and compete. It impacts critical questions of strategy and organization — logics of competitive advantage, links among firms and consumers, and questions of organizational design.

We seek theoretical and empirical work that sheds light on these important issues. Topics of particular relevance may include:

– Competitive advantage within connected industries and ecosystems

– Impact of automation, artificial intelligence, and big data

– Business model innovation enabled by digitization

– Strategies for managing tensions between digital and non-digital elements within an organization

– Meta-organizations coordinated through digital technologies

– Digitalization as a stimulus to non-hierarchical forms of organization (communities, crowds, “boss-less” organizations)

– Importance of scale and scope in the digital era

– Interactions between traditional firms and digital start-ups.

In keeping with Strategy Science’s general approach, we are open to a wide-range of methodologies and theoretical approaches.

Manuscripts for the special issue are to be submitted by October 31st, 2018. Manuscripts that do not appear to fit the topical focus of the special issue will be considered, with the authors’ approval, for a regular issue of Strategy Science. Strategy Science is a quarterly journal looking to publish a small set of high-quality articles in each issue that address central topics in the field. Authors can expect rapid and high-quality reviews by appropriate leading scholars in the field and clear editorial guidance should a revision be requested. For information about the journal and to submit a manuscript please see this link: .