STR 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award

The Irwin Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an established strategy scholar who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Ph.D. and doctoral education, and ongoing development of junior colleagues. The award recipient’s contributions include dedication to PhD student development and curricula, involvement in dissertation committees, participation in doctoral consortia and workshops, and mentorship of junior faculty.

The 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award for Excellence in PhD Mentoring goes to

David C. Mowery!

David is the William A. & Betty H. Hasler Professor Emeritus of New Enterprise Development at the Business and Public Policy Group at the Walter A. Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley. He holds a BA, MA and PhD in Economics from Stanford University. Prior to joining Haas in 1988, he was a professor at the Social and Decision Sciences Department, Carnegie-Mellon University. He has also served as Assistant to the Counselor, Office of the United States Trade Representative and a Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Awards Committee recognized David’s exceptional contributions to the field of Strategy through mentoring PhD students, who have excelled to become top scholars of our field. David has chaired doctoral committees of many students, including Karen Schnietz, Tom Cottrell, Arvids Ziedonis, Rosemarie Ziedonis, Deepak Somaya, Jeffrey Macher, Christopher Boerner, Jennifer Kuan, Robert Lowe, Tetsuo Wada, Stuart Graham, Timothy Simcoe, Kira Fabrizio, Lamar Pierce, Ronnie Chatterji, Oliver Beige, Evan Rawley, Ian Larkin, Robert Seamans, Deepak Hegde, Neil Thompson, Sharat Raghavan, and Gwendolyn Lee, and served on the doctoral committees of many many more, including Brian Silverman, Henry Chesbrough, Bennet Zelner, Kyle Mayer, Guy Holburn, Joanne Oxley, Petra Moser and Olga Khessina. He has co-authored with many of his students.

In support of this award, one of his students wrote: “In the early 2000s until his retirement, many people (very rightly) regarded David as the top Ph.D. advisor in the econ-based strategy field. Mowery student after Mowery student got top jobs at top schools, and most of us have blossomed. David did this by carefully reading our papers, giving us very sound advice, and most of all being someone who didn’t try to influence our direction (unless we were struggling with direction) – but instead tried to influence the quality of our work.”

David’s research contributions are in the areas of economics of innovation and technological change, strategic management of technology and innovation, and international trade policy and technology policy. He has authored or co-authored 19 books and over 100 academic articles in numerous top journals, including American Economic Review, Management Science, Research Policy, and Strategic Management Journal.

It is with great pride that the STR Division congratulates Professor David C. Mowery on being selected as the 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator. We hope to see you at the award reception on Sunday evening (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) to celebrate David’s achievements!

Samina Karim
Northeastern University
STR Division Chair-Elect

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